Making Your Backyard Grilling An Event To Remember

Backyard BBQing

Having guests over for a whole day of backyard BBQing?  Here are the basics you should not miss when planning for one.



Come up with a checklist

If you aren’t fond of making lists, you should start doing one now for your barbecue party.  If you want to have fun and not worry about going short on BBQ sauce or drinks, get organized.  If you have every detail needed in your checklist, you will have more time for your guests.  It is your party and you should be playing host and not a problem solver.

Consider your ambiance

Nothing beats having a good ambiance.  Try hanging some festive lights around the backyard.  As nighttime unfolds, the twinkling soft lights would give your area a soft relaxing glow.  A bouquet of fresh flowers on the center of each table will create a lovely sight.  But it doesn’t have to look like you’re hosting a BBQ festival.  Just keep it simple and low key.

Stock up on chillers

Light beer shouldn’t be absent on your barbecue night.  But you have to keep it simple.  Stocking up on two varieties of beer or ale is good enough.  But don’t scrimp on the ice.  It’s the most important item to keep your beer chilled.  Have enough coolers on hand.

Buy insect repellants

Barbecuing isn’t all about food and drinks.  Don’t forget to buy some bug repellants for your guests.  While many guests are thoughtful enough to bring their own, it is still considerate of you as a host to have one for those who may have forgotten.  

Holding a backyard BBQ whether at noon or night entails planning. We do this with out company towing Spokane once a month! Make sure your guests are comfortable and at ease while outdoors.  Plan ahead and be the perfect host.